Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Karen Beth - April Rain

been a long time fave in the camp, 'april rain' is a hauntingly emotive track that still gives me shivers, her voice could easily be compared with karen dalton who we'll get to later, i'm sure this will make an appearance in our forthcoming folk mix, keep em peeled...

Riz Ortolani - Brutes and Savages Overture

legendary italian composer riz ortolani turns his hand to some african voodoo disco on this ultra rare private press originally released in hong kong in 1979, 
this one is guaranteed to put sweat on the walls!
check out the original theatrical movie trailer below:

Ann Chase - A Chant For Your Plants

the first of many plant related posts, this is everything we love about buying vinyl, erik satie's - gymnopédie no.1 played on acoustic guitar and flute with the wonderful ann chase dropping unconditional cosmic love for her plants. heavenly...

Rainbow Family - Travellin' Lady

possibly one of the heaviest psych cuts ever laid to wax, 'travellin' lady' by the rainbow family ticks all the boxes, evil pitch bend tremolo guitar, tribal chanting, killer lyrics and evil bugged out production makes this 1972 sure shot killer a top ten fave!

Android Sisters - Robots Are Coming

oddball duo the android sisters recorded this unique track in 1984, inspired by the novel ‘do androids dream of electric sheep?' (which later became the basis for blade runner) these two cats unleashed an eccentric electronic masterpiece reminiscent of bruce haack and co. enjoy!

Vince Tempera - Get Up, Get On, Get Out, Get Off With Me


a sleazy disco funk monster from vince tempera's temperix lp released in 1976.
with italian keyboard wizard tempera on duty and a title like this you know what to expect!!!